Shower tray repairs

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If there are scratches or dents in your shower tray, Respo Group can usually repair them without major intervention. Even if small pieces have burst out, this is not a problem. We fill up the damage and finish it in our aesthetic way. Your shower tray is ready for use as soon as we have left. You can count on us for all your repairs to your sanitary facilities, such as a shower repair
Count on the professional help of our professionals to repair your shower tray. We specialize in shower repairs and are happy to solve this for you.
For damages that can no longer be repaired, we have good alternatives, the renovation techniques "Shower in Shower" and "Shower Switch". The Shower in Shower renovation system is used for weathered and irreparable enamelled shower trays. The Shower Exchange renovation system is primaraly for non-repairable plastic shower trays. 
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