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Respo Group carries out counter top repairs, regardless of the surface. We have proven methods to repair dents, scratches, pieces, notches, discoloration and burns. Even veined material is no problem for us. The connection damage is finished by us in an aesthetic way. The following applies to your countertop: ready for use immediately after repair. 

You can contact us for repairs of different types of countertops, such as composite countertop repairs, natural stone countertop repairs, veneer countertop repairs, wooden countertop repairs, HPL countertop repairs, volkern (Trespa) countertop repairs, Dekton countertop repairs and Silestone countertop repairs. Respo Group, your address to repair your countertop

Respo Group is also your expert in the field of bathtub repairsshower tray repairssink repairswindow repairsdoor repairscounter top repairsbathroom furniture repairssill repairswindow sill repairsfloor repairstile repairs or other various repairs.


Types of

Composite is a material made of various components, often fibre-reinforced plastics. In many cases a plastic is cast on a fibre matrix, making the combination stronger than both products separately. Worktops and floors are often made of ground natural stone and plastic.
Respo Group repairs composite in all forms. If you have any damage to a product made of composite, please contact us.
Natural stone is a stone that is found in nature and which, after possible processing, can be used as a building material. Natural stone can be found in many varieties, such as granite, marble, travertine, ... 
Respo Group repairs natural stone in all its forms. If you have any damage to a product made of natural stone, please contact us.
Veneer is very thin wood, of even thickness, ranging from half a millimetre to a few millimetres. Furniture can often be produced much more cheaply by gluing a thin layer of veneer to a composite (cheaper) substrate. If done well, furniture finished with veneer can hardly be distinguished from furniture made of solid wood.
Respo Group repairs veneers in all shapes and sizes. If you have any damage to a product made with veneer, please contact us.
Respo Group repairs wood in all its forms. If you have any damage to a product made of this material, please contact us. 
Attention: We can also repair felled wood, but not 100% invisible.
HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate. HPL differs from laminate by the composition of the top layer. It is pressed from several layers of melamine, which makes the material particularly impact-resistant. However, damage can occur at the corners and edges, for example due to sanding.
Respo Group repairs HPL in all forms. If you have any damage to a product made of HPL, please contact us.
Solid core boards have a core of compressed wood fibres with a hard top layer on both sides. It is an impact- and shock-resistant material that tolerates moisture and sunlight well.
Due to its specific properties, solid core (Trespa) is extremely suitable for a wide range of exterior applications such as facade cladding, eaves, canopies, balcony cladding, street furniture, bus shelters,... and therefore also counter tops.
If you have damage to solid core (Trespa) material, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dekton is a sophisticated blend of more than 20 natural minerals. Dekton is produced using the exclusive TSP technology, in which mineral particles are sintered and bond together. Very strong and versatile in use for interior applications for private homes and large projects.

Do you have damage to a material manufactured from Dekton? Respo Group repairs damage to Dekton.

Silestone is a patented material from Spanish manufacturer Cosentino. It is a quartz composite and consists of 94% natural quartz, making Silestone particularly hard and resistant. This makes it the ideal surface for interior applications, both for kitchen and bathroom worktops and other decorative applications. Do you have damage to the material Silestone?
Respo Group repairs damages in Silestone. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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